Learn Vedic Astrology the Easy Way

Easy to Read and Understand

Our charts are designed to be easy to understand with all the information available in the chart or at the click of the mouse. No need to remember all those complicated rules and calculations. The most important information is displayed in the chart. More detailed information can be seen by clicking on the different elements in the chart.

The major periods (Maha dashas) are displayed at the bottom for easy reference.

Planetary Periods (Dashas)

Find your current major and minor planetary period easily with the color coded table.

The chart tells us what will happen in your life, the planetary periods (Dashas) tell us when they will happen. The total length of the major period can be found in the left column, the beginning and ending date of each minor period is written under each minor period. The red marker shows in which period you are currently.

Real-time Transit Chart

The transit chart show the real-time position of the planets relative to your birth chart.

The outer ring shows the current position of the planets in the sky. The inner ring show the position of the planets at birth.

The position of the transit planets has a significant influence on our day to day lives. The influence can often be felt more intensely when the planets transit over the planets in the birth chart.

The left panel tells the current status of the planets and the right panel list the upcoming transit events so you can better plan and anticipate the effects of the planets. 

Event Calendar

The Event Calendar displays the upcoming transits and dasha periods.

The calendar can be seen in a monthly view or list view. You can also export the calendar and import it in your Google calendar so you get reminded when important transits are about to happen.